Project Home: Easy to Make Abstract Art for Your Home

I’m in the process of designing my old, new house. I was blessed to build and buy this house in 2002 so it’s very sentimental to me.  I moved back in March after a good friend who had been renting it purchased another house.  My plan is to use it as my creative studio but I also want it to be liveable since I spend so much time here.

One of my first DIY projects was to create a large-scale art piece to go over the fireplace.  I actually started painting 15 years ago when I bought this house and haven’t painted in 6 years because I didn’t have the space where I was living.

I am moved by color and texture. My original palette for the living space of this house is mango, olive, and ocean. On a trip to my local Ikea [IKEA MEMPHIS LINK] I ran across a vibrant violet candle on clearance and my heart fluttered at the possibilities.  This color scheme is also the inspiration behind this blog’s palette.


I had a 36×48 canvas that I’d never used so I pulled out my drop cloth and got busy.  I like abstract because there’s no rhyme or reason to it.  You just drip, glide, drop, roll paint on and repeat until you end up with something you like.

Step 1: Take your first color and drizzle is on the canvas like caramel topping on a sunday

Step 2: Do the same with your other colors

Step 3: Roll or brush over the drizzled paint to created a mottled background

Step 4: Create some pops of concentrated color like the ocean blue areas – any size or shape

Step 6: For this piece, I finished it off with some drops and drizzles of gold and silver paint

Overall I really like how it turned out. It’s very high energy and it ties all the colors of the room together nicely.


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