How To Improve Memory Over 50

If you’re over 50 and starting to notice your memory isn’t quite what it used to be, don’t worry too much about it. You’re not alone. Many people experience some changes in memory as part of the natural aging process. But what’s actually happening in your brain? Let’s take a closer look. As you age, … Read more

Free Brain Exercises For Seniors

Hey there! Let’s kick things off with a chat about staying mentally sharp as we age. We all know keeping fit is important, but brain health? Now that’s a topic that deserves more love. Think of cognitive exercises not just as mental workouts, but as essential tools for keeping your brain buzzing and your life … Read more

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Hi, I’m Elvan, and I’m delighted you’ve stumbled upon my cozy corner of the internet, ‘FabFiftyLife’. Born under the Turkish sun and then cradled in the long white cloud of New Zealand, my life’s been a tapestry of vibrant cultures. Now, I find myself in England, navigating the autumn years of life alongside my husband, … Read more